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I read a lot and I am subscribed to a lot of feeds and newsletters. Like all of us, though, I have limited time and when I’m super busy, these are my “don’t miss” feeds that I always stop to read (or save fNewsletters Worth Readingor later that day to read).

  • Social Media Examiner – Not only do I check out the headlines of the day on Social Media Today, but this is also my go-to site for figuring how to do something in social media or on a particular platform. Need to know about the latest Facebook update or how to do an Instagram ad? Social Media Examiner has you covered. Articles are usually quick reads and are written by social media experts from all over the world. I’m sure that like me, you’ll find at least one article to stop and read each day. (free and @SMExaminer)


  • Ragan’s PR Daily News – No matter what industry you’re in or what role you play in it; Ragan’s PR Daily News is a great source for communication tips. Have to give a big presentation? Check out PR Daily News for tips on how to stand (and where to put your hands!). The site and newsletter offers tips on areas other than typical public relations (because PR is no longer typical). (free and @PRDaily)


  • Content Gems – Content Gems collects popular articles in different industries and sends you a snippet of each with a link. Content marketing (which is basically marketing) is automatically included. You can add one other area of interest under the free plan but after that it is $99 per year to select up to 20 areas of interest (and you can do more than that for more money). For me, the free plan has worked well but businesses that cover multiple industries may want to consider the paid plan. (free and paid plans available and @ContentGems)


  • Smart Brief – Another site that covers multiple industries, Smart Brief keeps you on top of industry headlines, trends, and changes. I receive the marketing, social media, and small business Smart Brief emails but there are hundreds of choices and Smart Brief seems to add more every day. (free and @SmartBrief)


  • Unroll Me – On the other hand, if you’re receiving far too many emails and newsletters and they are just clogging your inbox, consider Unroll Me. On a day when you’re inbox is might full, create an account and Unroll Me will scan your inbox. After that, you’ll see a list of all of your email senders. You choose to keep the sender as a stand-alone sender (as it currently is), cancel emails from the sender, or add the sender to your Unroll Me daily digest. Then each day, you’ll get an email from Unroll me with links to those sites you added to the daily digest. One caveat – I have found that senders who send more than once a day, do sneak through. (free and @Unrollme)

In addition to the sites listed above, I also receive emails from individuals like my favorite PR pros. I also follow the above sites on social media so that I can bookmark or save links to articles.

What are some of your favorite marketing or industry sites?

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