What Can J Peterson Marketing Do for You?

Sometimes businesses need an extra marketing hand. From integrated plans to one-time projects like audits, we help you meet your business goals and grow your brand.

As integrated marketers, we think we do our best work for you by reviewing all of your communication touch points. From there, we develop a plan to improve them, add to them, or take some out of the mix. Some areas where we can help include:

Strategic Plans

Social Media

Public Relations

Communication Plans



We also share our thoughts on all things marketing (and life) on our blog. Check out our latest posts (on the right on a desktop and at the bottom on a mobile device) for tips, tricks, and just general ideas. One of our most popular posts is Coming Up with Blog Post Ideas (we refer to it often).

About Jen Peterson

Jen Peterson of JPeterson MarketingJen Peterson leads J Peterson Marketing. An integrated marketing professional with more than twenty years of experience, she has created programs for small businesses, non-profit organizations, media, and corporate clients. She started J Peterson Marketing to help businesses communicate effectively and efficiently.

When not working with clients, Jen can be found with her family (a scotch selling husband, young son, and crazy dog) exploring Chicago and watching the 2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs.


Social Media Manager Certification         evanston-chamber-of-commerce-logo


Jen’s follow through has always impressed me. She’s a fine tuned taskmaster that can juggle multiple projects at once, without letting her colleague on the other side ever know how many balls she’s keeping in the air. She has a unique way to set you at ease and find a common denominator, even if she’s just met you. Working with Jen is always a pleasure – in part because she takes the time to get to know you as a person and not just as a business associate or client. The best part of working with her is that you can always hear her smile through the phone.

- Real Estate Broker